Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response in Schools

Emergency Preparedness and Tragedy Response in Schools

Jennifer Cox

Walden University

NURS 4010 Section 06, Relatives, Community, and Population-Based Attention May five, 2013


The professional registered nurse uses medical judgment and decision making skills to provide appropriate nursing care and works with other medical professionals responding to the emergency or catastrophe. The purpose of this paper should be to outline the professional nurse's role and how the doctor works with different responding workers as well as the community affected in the event of a tornado that influences a school. The Role in the Nurse

A disaster is described as any natural or human-made incident that creates disruption, break down, and/or devastation requiring exterior assistance (Stanhope, 2012). Schools are generally regarded as a safe haven for the children attending, yet various types of emergencies can occur within the institution walls that impact the college and the encircling community. Serious weather can be a natural disaster when it makes tornadoes. Tornadoes have proven to be large scale disasters, causing problems which range from loss of power to major strength damage and resulting in physical injuries, which include loss of life. Tornadoes beyond a school setting cause extreme damage and casualties, but when the huracan hits a school it becomes a tragedy setting for a lot of school workers and the school nurse. The school nurse right away is checked out when there is any type of medical emergency. Once there is a whole school which was affected by destruction like a tormenta, the school registered nurse is most definitely overwhelmed with patients. The nurse should be prepared and work carefully with all answering personnel to make sure a timely response to almost all affected, inside the school and the parents affected outside the school. The school doctor is a specialist in the medical process and really should utilize these steps in order to care...

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