The Worst Hard Times

The Worst Crisis

Study Guidebook Chapters approximately for five

I. ASSURE: The Great Plowup, 1901-1930

Chapter 3: Creating Dalhart

1 ) Vocabulary (choose 3 that you might want to make sure you know): sharecropping (p. 52), optimism (p. 53), manufacturer farms (p. 53), hooch (p. 54), landlord (56), cannon fodder (57)

installment payments on your Make a list of all the names. Who are they? Precisely what are their stories in connection with Dalhart and the moments told of in this book?

3. Make a list of all the different methods the turf of the prairie is reported; also maintain a list of all the ways the land as well as the dust are referred to.

5. What were the ways people hoped for making money around Dalhart? That were successful and which were not?

5. Who were the ‘girls'? What would they do intended for the town? (Read between the lines. The actual words on the web page are not the answer to this problem. )

6th. Who were the individuals (US beginnings? European roots? ) migrating to the Substantial Plains? What were they will looking and hoping for?

Phase 4: Excessive Plains Deutsch

1 ) Vocabulary (choose 5 you wish to make sure you know): glut (p. 59), wheat or grain mounds (p. 59), bushel (p. 59), debts, bare (p. 60), gamble (p. 60), swamping (p 60), defiant (p. 61), pungent (p. 62), potent (p. 62), poultry red (p. 62), thistle (p. 62), pacifists (p. 62), reveal destiny (p. 64), yeomen (p. 66)

2 . The moment wheat rates went down and after that down once again, what would farmers carry out? What do you think of this?

3. Add to your list of every one of the names. Exactly what are their tales in connection with the area mentioned and the times informed of through this book?

4. What is the family function in this chapter? Like other chapters, Egan begins informing this account, but then he goes to other events. Precisely what is the point from the story he tells us with this chapter?

five. What are the similarities and differences between story of Russia as well as the High Plains?

6. Precisely what is the point of George Ehrlich family story? What particular...