Language and Identity

п»їLanguage and Identity

Language and identity may be two factors of the same endroit in my opinion. A language determines a certain group or place just like a banner represents a country, but this may not be always true. If we would have been to look at the English language for example , it is a universal language that many people in the world practice possibly as their initial language or perhaps as their second or third. The people whom do speak English because their first language have some identity associated with the language; as the people who speak English as their second or perhaps third vocabulary practice chinese only for their professional and private lives. For the second case, the English language language will not identify people but what ever language your mother's tongue is, you are able to definitely say I signify that place or region by speaking that dialect. My initial language was Amharic, nevertheless I began going to institution; I started out learning my own ABCs. My spouse and i broadened my own English language by observing tons of movies and studying children tale books; I grew attached to this language. Later on in life We seem to have gotten an easier time with the English language than my initial language. I was actually experiencing my Amharic literature school in secondary school while I was doing really well in my British literature category; I was the most effective in the institution. Simply as a result perspective We identified with western culture from the things i read and saw on TV as much as my own Ethiopian history. It undoubtedly does not mean Now i am not complete Ethiopian, however it does signify I consider the English language language as part of my personality. A language is not limited to a geographical place. You can be all over the world but as long as you continue to keep using your homeland language; that reminds you of where you come from. It is a big deal to find somebody who speaks a similar language as you may in a overseas land. I cannot express the feeling I got from speaking my personal language for the first time in the US. It had been surreal since it is a...