Television Is definitely Destroying Modern-day Youth, yet Don't Blame T. V., Blame the fogeys.

Since that time television was invented, it is now increasingly questionable every year as. So many courses and movies displayed on television have become increasingly violent and show sexual innuendos and sexual content. If you were to start up the six o' time news, you should hear about the murders as well as the kidnappings as well as the rapes and all of the terrible things which will happen in society, provided in a neutral manner that makes them all seem not quite too bad. Imagine just how that attempts twelve yr old child. Tv set has, since its invention, always been America's favorite source of entertainment. As culture has changed, assault and intimate content have been added ever so increasingly over time. After all, isn't that the actual T. Versus. shows interesting? Isn't that why we all want to go notice that new video that came away which is graded R instead of that film rated PG? Although this violence and sexual articles on television and in movies has devastating results on Many youth, you are unable to blame television. Instead, we need to blame the parents. A lot of parents nowadays do not take time to talk to their children about what that they see on T. V. For that matter, most parents usually do not even know very well what their children will be watching. In respect to Nielson Media Research, in 1950, only 10% of American homes had a television and by 1960 the percentage experienced grown to 90%. Today 99% of homes have a television. Actually more families own a tv than a phone. Would you believe 54% of U. S i9000. children possess a tv in their bed rooms? They do. Perhaps that when you look at those statistics it could be no surprise in any way to learn that fifty-five percent of children asked usually view television alone or using a friend, however, not with their family members. Children take more time learning about life through media than in some other manner. The regular child usually spends approximately twenty eight hours per week watching television, which can be twice as much time as they...