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This paper will talk about the life and work with the Russian composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky regarding his relationship to the Passionate movement in music. Tchaikovsky was born in 1840 inside the town of Votinsk in Russia. Although he learned to play the piano since a child, his friends and family wanted him to pursue a career like a lawyer. For this reason, Tchaikovsky started out attending the St . Petersburg School of Jurisprudence at the age of 10, and by the age of nineteen he obtained a position because clerk inside the Ministry of Justice (Gilder 345). However , at the age of twenty-two, Tchaikovsky made a decision to give up his life as a lawyer in order to be a fonder of music. He traveled to the Conservatory of St Petersburg for his musical technology training, after graduation this individual got employment as a music teacher in Moscow.

However, Tchaikovsky's change of job was not enough to bring him a life of happiness. Throughout his career as being a composer, Tchaikovsky suffered from intense depression and feelings of doubt. In 1877, he married a fellow pupil from the Out house of St Petersburg, Antonina Miliukov. During that same period, however , Tchaikovsky also started out a battle with his overpowered, oppressed feelings of homosexuality. His marriage to Antonina quickly fell apart the moment " he tried to drown himself, and nearly shed his reason" (Gilder 345). Nevertheless, soon after his divorce, Tchaikovsky's musical technology career took a turn for the better when he began receiving the patronage of a wealthy widow known as Nadezhda von Meck. As a result of her fondness for Tchaikovsky's music, von Meck corresponded with him and sent him cash throughout the rest of his life, although they by no means met face-to-face. Under von Meck's patronage, Tchaikovsky became increasingly well-known as a fonder. Nevertheless, this individual continued to be stressed out and withdrawn in his personal life. In the year 1893, when he was 53 years old, Tchaikovsky died suddenly from a case of cholera that he got from drinking a few contaminated water. Some music...