Julius Caesar Essay Prompts

Tragic Heroes

Scholars dispute over if Brutus or perhaps Caesar is the tragic leading man of the perform because both equally characters are men of prominence with tragic flaws that lead them to fall. Based upon the evidence inside the play, which usually character matches the definition from the tragic main character better? Describe what a tragic hero is and how this kind of character matches this form. Support the answer with analysis with quotes and events from the play.

Female Characters

Portia and Calphurnia are certainly significant characters in the enjoy. Does William shakespeare portray these women character types of power and strength? Use facts in the form of quotes and situations to support your response.


Shakespeare uses prophets, omens, and organic phenomenon to improve tension in the play also to emphasize the value of future. Are the character types in the perform in control of their own destinies, or are their fates predetermined as a result of who they are? Identify several cases of fate at the job in the perform and make clear how these instances either show which the characters happen to be in control or are controlled by fate. Employ quotes and events to compliment your response.

Writing the essay

* Consult the essay elements below and ensure your essay complies with these suggestions. * Write in third person. Do not use " you” or " We. ” 5. Do not drop track of the thesis, your guiding idea. Stay focused on your own purpose, to prove whatever you think about the topic. 5. Be sure to use effective transitions also. Transition phrases assist you to connect ideas. * Thoroughly weave inside your support; present quotations with context information. * Employ quotation markings around passages that you work with directly from the book to support your main concepts. Put the web page number at the end of that passing showing what page you took this from. By way of example: Sentence starts and then " there is a passing from the book" (72). Observe how the period should go after the parenthesis? Use this unit. For...