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Teenage Driving Problems Project

Cell Phones & Generating


Katia Voltaire

Component I: Identify the Issue or perhaps Problem

Today I will be discussing the topic of cell phone and traveling and the impact it has on teen driving. The use of cell phones while driving a car has recently escalated, making it probably the most hazardous disruptions for all drivers, especially young adults (" Research: Teens on, " 2005). Many life is losing each and every day because people shortage following basic safety regulation. Cellular phones are one of these reasons it is a big distraction when it comes to traveling. Distractions, just like talking or perhaps texting on the cell phone, may cause drivers to adopt their sight off the road for a few seconds, very long to have problems responding to risks and staying within their lane. These types of seemingly innocuous acts may also affect their very own mental focus. Researchers by Carnegie Mellon University identified that cell phone use driving actually reduces the amount of mind activity associated with driving by 37 percent (" Elegance distraction, " 2013). A report from the College or university of Ut (search) says when car owners between 18 and twenty-five talk about cell phones, they will drive just like elderly people — moving and reacting slower and raising their likelihood of accidents (" Study: Teenagers on, " 2005). It does not matter whether the mobile phone is hand held or hands free. Any activity requiring a driver to " positively be part of a conversation" probably will impair driving capabilities (" Analyze: Teens in, " 2005). A 1997 Canadian analyze published in The New Britain Journal of drugs used telephone records to judge cell phone use patterns. Crash risk was found to become four times greater once drivers were using a cell phone, whether hand-held or hands-free. A more recent study applying simulators released in the Log of Trial and error Psychology reported similar results (" A dangerous distraction, " 2013). Every day governments make an effort their best to resolve the problem of cellphone uses and driving. Eleven states...