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 Piagetian Responsibilities: Number Preservation Essay

I evaluated both my children separately with all the conservation of number responsibilities. I applied 14 money; 7 cents in 1 row and the other 7 pennies within a row spread out farther apart than the 1st row of pennies. First, I interviewed my 4-year-old daughter; I asked her in the event there are similar amounts of money in equally rows. The girl did not question me anything at all she simply began to count number. After the girl counted both equally lines, the girl told me these people were the same amount in both lines. I was extremely surprised by simply her action and response. I predicted her to consider them and tell me not any; I did not expect her to count all of them. Then, Specialists her to tell me so why she stated they were similar; her response was since she counted them. Up coming, I interviewed my 7-year-old son, I asked him in case the two series had the same amount or certainly not. He counted them and told me yes, they have the same amount of cents. I asked him to tell me why this individual thought that he responded, mainly because I counted them in addition to 7 in each line, and this individual added, " It may seem a single row is usually longer compared to the other since one line is spread out out even farther than the other". He said if I was to ask him, which one is usually longer in measurement his answer would be the one spaced out nevertheless that has not been the question. He explained they are the same in amount however, not in length.

My personal observation of both my kids was very interesting and educational. We would have never anticipated my daughter to give myself the same response as my own son, taking into consideration their age range. Especially being that Dr . Rozankski, head with the Gifted program in MISD merely informed me my son recently had an IQ rating of 136 and won in the 82nd percentile within the California Achievements Test. My personal daughter may tell me that there was 7 pennies in both series but , my son could see over and above that and communicate what another individual may think provided the construct of the money or the method the question was asked. According to Piaget, both my kids were in or have been in the concrete floor operational stage. I do not necessarily know if I agree...