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The researcher would like to thank everybody who aided her in completing this project. Time spent to complete it absolutely was greatly treasured. The specialist would like to especially thank her parents and her teacher who caused her to ensure that this project was a success.

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Component 1 – Preparation



Functions of Office Studied4


Part 2 – Gathering Information



Plan of Activities9

Regulations and Company Policies11

Part several – Presentation


Organization Forms employed and observed15

Office Equipment Used16



Invoice18 Bank Reconciliation19

Observation Sheet20

Purchase Order21


The importance of using Records and Information Supervision Systems inside the Finance office at Very Plus Super market in Christiana, Manchester.


1 . To be aware of the strategy used to shop documents in the Finance Division at Super plus Super market. 2 . To investigate the effectiveness of the different Records Managing Systems used in the Finance Department in Super In addition Food Store.


Functions of Finance Section

1 . Responsible for handling payrolls

2 . In charge of Petty Funds


Holmwood Technical Secondary school

Christiana, Manchester, Jamaica, Western world Indies

Phone: (1876) 964-2203/2266

13 March 2011

The Manager

Super Plus Food Store



Dear Sirs

Permission to Conduct An Investigation In Your Organization

I am an eleventh class student for Holmwood Specialized High School in which I am currently pursuing a study course in Business Operations.

Within my research, I am required to choose a specific department in any firm where I will carry out a study which will help me with my Institution Based Evaluation. I hereby seek permission to carry out this investigation within your Financial Department.

I promise that I will watch your safety rules and all regulations of your noble business. I also intend to talk about all findings d conclusions with your managing team in an appropriate period as you could see it match and important.

Please be advised which i am offered by any time for virtually any questions that you might have with regards to my obtain and intentions.

Your kind consideration will be greatly treasured.

Yours truly,

Anna-Kay Beaton


Dahlia Brown

Brain of Office


Forms and observations were the strategy used to acquire information. A questionnaire can be described as set of concerns written to get a survey. The questionnaire was taken to Extremely Plus Super market on The fall of 09, 2011 by the investigator. Upon getting into the business Mrs. Bennett was your first person the researcher noticed. Mrs. Bennett is an accountant in the firm. The investigator explained the particular questionnaire was for and handed it to Mrs. Bennett. The girl examined the questionnaire and proceeded to reply to the concerns Mrs. Bennett took approximately fifteen minutes to complete the questionnaire then simply handed that to the researcher. This method was chosen as it has proved to be inexpensive and easier to collect the information regarding the financial department and how records and information re managed. Questions regarding Records and Data Management had been presented for the questionnaire. A great observation identifies the ability to notice details. The observation made by the specialist took place about November 08, 2011. The researcher went to Super Additionally Food Store and observed the way the different transactions were required for the financial...

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Date: The fall of 08, 2011


Released on: November 09, 2011