Ryanair Case Study



BSS008S-3 Applied E-Business

ASSIGNMENT one particular (10 12 , 2010)



This survey presents the e-business business RYANAIR. Through it we intend to find what sort of competitive advantage the company look for, what elements help it setting up a superior buyer value, what impacts this type of company has on the whole sector and finally exactly what the debatable issues regarding RYANAIR. Primarily, RYANAIR can be described as low-cost flight company which will sells its tickets only on their website, its competitive advantage is definitely its provide: very cheap seats to travel all over the Europe. Even so this kind of low-cost company features both confident and bad repercussions for the airline sector. And what tarnishes one of the most the company's photo is the CEO Jordan O'Leary an outspoken individual that is not really afraid to state and generate what he thinks to cut the prices of its plane tickets. To answer these kinds of questions I came across my options in the databases Business Origin Premier.


1 . Introduction4

2 . The importance of e-business for RYANAIR5

a) WHIZZ AIR: an e-business company…5

b) With a key competitive advantage…5

c) Which allows offer a high customer benefit. 6

three or more. Impact of low-cost businesses (like RYANAIR) on European airline industry7 a) Positive impacts7

b) Negative impacts7

4. Essential and controversial issues9

your five. Conclusion: May be the strategy of RYANAIR eco friendly? 10

six. Suggestions for long term research10

six. References11

1 ) Introduction

At present the air transport is a means of transporting which in turn seems less dangerous according to the statistics. Very low growth, through the 60s, which the rhythm is superior to the world economy ones. From 1990 till the year 2003, the traffic increased normally by a couple of, 7 % a year in number of passengers and by a couple of, 8 % a year in number of plane tickets. We can underline that this development is dramatically more important within the European Union than in the United States. The passenger amount increased usually by a few, 5 % a year within the European Union, against 1, 8 % in the United States. In 2003, this market transferred 1, several billion individuals in the world, which usually about 75 million travellers on The french language companies. This kind of growth of air traffic should continue: two, 5 billion passengers are required for 2015. The individuals are more and more numerous to work with air transfer because of the gives which are very interesting in terms of value. It is the breakthrough of the cheap companies like RYANAIR which make the presents more attractive for the consumers. Let's give attention to RYANAIR which is an e-business company because of the only usage of the internet to market its tickets. Which type of competitive benefits does it pursue? What elements help this business create remarkable customer worth? Is its strategy eco friendly?

installment payments on your The importance of e-business for RYANAIR

a) RYANAIR: a great e-business company…

RYANAIR is a one of the preferred airline organization in The european countries, indeed the company offers over 1200 short-haul flights daily (to 145 destinations within Europe) using a fleet of 196 Boeing737-800 aircrafts. The attribute of this business is that that operates entirely online on, is the fact we contact an elektronische geschaftsabwicklung company and even more particularly a Business-to-Consumer corporation. " They may have no physical presence for the high streets and strive to minimize customer satisfaction and support through permitting web self-service”(Chaffey, D 2009 E-business and E-commerce Managing: Strategy, Setup and Practice, Prentice Area, p13). Providing their seats only on the net is the key accomplishment of low-cost companies like RYANAIR. This allows them to drastically reduce their particular cost, that's one of the reasons how come they can present low prices. b) With a key competitive advantage…

Generally RYANAIR follow a competitive advantage based on the price. Without a doubt it is the firm, in The european countries at least, which offers the cheapest prices pertaining to short-haul routes (SWOT evaluation...