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The EU happens to be negotiating a trade contract with Mercosur as part of the overall negotiation for a bi-regional Association Agreement which usually also cover a personal and a cooperation entender. These talks with Mercosur were officially relaunched with the EU-Mercosur peak in Madrid on seventeen May 2010. The objective is to negotiate a thorough trade agreement, covering not only trade in industrial and agricultural items but also services, improvement of rules on government procurement, perceptive property, persuits and operate facilitation, technical barriers to trade. 9 negotiation models (the previous one via 22 to 26 Oct 2012) have taken place since then. Until now, models have centered on the part of the agreement linked to rules as well as the two areas are still focusing on the planning of their industry access gives. No date has been collection yet pertaining to the exchange of industry access gives.

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Mercosur countries:

* Spain, Brazil, Republic of paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela

5. The EUROPEAN UNION is Mercosur's first trading partner, accounting for twenty percent of Mercosur's total trade. * Mercosur is the EU's 8th most important trading partner, accounting intended for 3% of EU's total trade. EU's exports towards the region have steadily elevated over the last years, going up via € twenty-eight billion in 2007 to € 45 billlion this year. * Mercour's biggest export products to the EU are made of gardening products (48% of total exports) while the EU typically exports made products to Mercosur and notably equipment and transport equipment (49% of total exports) and chemicals (21% of total exports). 5. The EU is also a significant exporter of commercial services to Mercosur (€13. 4 bn in 2010) as well as the biggest foreign entrepreneur in the region using a stock of foreign immediate investment which includes steadily improved over the past years and which will now total €236 billion dollars in 2010 compared to € 140 billion in 2000.

EU-Mercosur " operate in goods" statistics

Transact in goods 2009-2011, € billions

| EU imports| EU exports| Balance

| | |

2009| 34. 9| 27. 3| -7. 7

2010| forty-four. 2| forty five. 2| -3. 9

2011| 51. 0| 45. 8| -5. two

EU-Mercosur " trade in services" stats


Operate in providers 2008-2010, € billions

Year| EU imports| EU exports| Balance

2008| 8. 8| 13. 7| 4. almost 8

2009| eight. 4| doze. 4| some. 0

2010| 8. 1| 13. 4| 5. a few

| | |

Foreign immediate investment

Foreign direct investment 2010, € billions

Year| Inward stocks| Outward stocks| Balance

2010| 74. 9| 236. 3| 161. 5

EU and Mercosur

Mercosur was established 20 years ago and involves Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela which officially joined in This summer 2012. Republic of paraguay is briefly suspended by Mercosur as June 2012. The EUROPEAN has zwei staaten betreffend Partnership and Cooperation agreements with Spain, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. All Mercosur countries at present benefit from the GSP scheme, although Paraguay also benefits from GSP+. Trading with Mercosur

* Adding into the EUROPEAN UNION from Mercosur

* Conveying from the EUROPEAN to Mercosur

5. The EUROPEAN is present on a lawn in Mercosur (EU Delegations in Argentina, Brazil, Republic of paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela ) * Transact relations will be part of the EU's overall political and economical relationsВ with Mercosur 2. Mercosur recognized website

2. Sustainability effects assessment upon EU-Mercosur Affiliation Agreement Discussions


The EU and the " Mercosur" region which includes Argentina will be negotiating an Association Agreement that will include provisions to improve trade. The next circular of transactions is prepared for fall months 2012. In parallel, the EU is usually maintaining dynamic bilateral control relations and dialogue with Mercosur Countries based on the bilateral Co-operation Agreements. TheВ Framework Trade and Economic Co-operation AgreementВ between the EU and Argentina entered into force as soon as 1990. Just lately, bilateral contact with Spain have been noticeable by...