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Aetna, Incorporation. Health Insurance:

An organization Summary

Gina M. Hagerty

Saint Leo University


Aetna, Incorporation. is a north american health care firm that provides the two traditional and consumer insurance services that include medical, pharmaceutical, dental, perspective, behavioral well being, group existence, disability, and long term care. The corporation provides healthcare through employer-paid insurance and/or benefit programs, as well as through Medicare. Mark Bertolini is definitely its latest chairman; this currently has an estimated 17. 467 mil medical associates, 14. 166 million dental members, 15. 951 , 000, 000 pharmacy associates, 13. 609 million group insurance people, 843, 1000 health-care pros, 490, 500 primary proper care doctors and specialists, and 4, 919 hospitals. The most modern financial studies for Aetna, Inc. show an annual revenue of $34 million. Aetna aims to aid people in reaching health and financial security by offering secure, cost-effective, superior quality health care, and protecting all their finances.

Aetna, Inc. Health care insurance:

A Company Synopsis

Aetna, Inc. has coverage to cover your life, death, well being, and harm. As one of the largest health insurers in the United States, the corporation also offers incapacity and insurance coverage, retirement products, and several different services. The health care split offers HMOs, PPOs, HSAs, and indemnity coverage. Aetna also gives dental, eyesight, behavioral wellness, Medicare, and Medicaid programs. The health care subsidy only covers roughly 18 , 000, 000 members nationwide. Aetna Inc. 's huge pension portion distributes pensions, annuities, and retirement savings products. You’re able to send income claims continue to boost despite Many many economical challenges through the entire years and Aetna continues in growing and doing well.

Aetna Life Insurance Company began in Connecticut with Eliphalet Bulkeley offering as founding president in 1853. Bulkeley had...

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