Legalization of Medical Marijuana

To this day point out laws and federal laws are still butting heads on the legalization of marijuana. Just lately several declares such as The state of colorado and Washington have decriminalized the use of cannabis for recreational use. Many disagree with these decisions. I personally believe marijuana should be decriminalized.

About November mil novecentos e noventa e seis the Take action legalizing medical marijuana in the state of California began. It is a struggle with the state regulations and the national laws since then. There are presently eighteen declares in the United States that have legalized medical cannabis use. Although it is usually legal in the state, it really is federally outlawed. Legalizing marijuana would be beneficial to many people in medical need.

Medical weed laws fluctuate by point out. The federal law has criminalized the application of marijuana totally. In the state of Colorado you must end up being 21 years old or older and not have an overabundance than an ounce in the possession. In the state of Alaska you may have about 2 ounces for in-home personal only use under Ravin vs . Express in 1975. In 2002 the state of Nevasca allows about 3 ounces of cannabis per person at 21 or older. In 2006, South Dakota legalized medical marijuana in that case in 08 Massachusetts adopted, and once again the same season Michigan became the thirteenth state to legalize medical cannabis (Wikepedia 2010)

As being a nation, weed is frowned upon. Many individuals have a misunderstanding or were brought up to look at marijuana being a terrible drug that leads into a negative way of life. Common countrywide worries about legalizing marijuana are the within crime. According to United states of america Bureau Rights Statistics weed is the highest rate of drug related arrests. In 2008 more than 754, 1000 people were charged with control in the United States. Legalizing is a detrimental rights issue and Proposition 19 has been in effect since November 2009 to make it a conventional use in California. Elegance...