Suite abstract: «History.. Organization from the company.. IKEA: An exemplary positioning inside the furnishings marketplace.. Market research.. Analysis with the competition relating to Avoir.. SWOT research.. Strategies of expense leadership and differentiation.. IKEA: A new... » Document abstract: « The Strategy of the Ikea group Synopsis History Organization from the company Ikea, an exemplary c. SWOT analysis g. Strategies of cost... » « And the second option must esteem the requirements of the Ikea code of execute (IWAY). Ikea bases its product insurance plan on the proximity to suppliers plus the fact that the merchandise manufactured are identical across the world. The objective the following is to bring collectively quality, environmental protection, functioning conditions, looks and features. With regard to the policy of its wide array of products, Ikea suggests an assortment of practical products, with a unique design and a low cost. There are much more than 10000 items spread over 10 spheres of strategic activities which are: the living room, libraries, Informatiques furniture, bedrooms and bathrooms, office, lamps, textile and carpets, kitchen utensils and table configurations, household organization, children's section and in season decorations.... » Document abstract: «Ingvar Kamprad, a young Swede, finished his studies in 1943. He quickly set up a small company which will he referred to as IKEA. The acronym IKEA (Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd) is composed of the initials of his name, the name of his parents' farm and... » File abstract: «Within the span of management in Specialty Advertising Strategy, i was supposed to acquire the basic knowledge necessary for any kind of manager. We all studied the strategic ideas and phases of internationalization of a large selection of Sweden: IKEA. Thu... »