The purpose of this manual is to guide undergraduate and postgraduate college students in the Section of Organization Administration for University of Asia Pacific (UAP) in writing up all their internship survey. It will also be taken as a regular with which college students will conform in setting up their information. Thus the two students and faculty members operating as supervisors/co-supervisors are advised/expected to be familiar with the rules as mentioned inside the manual.

The manual comprises:

A. Formatting of the report

B. Initial Pages

C. Main Text

D. References and Appendices

The details of each section are shown below:

A. Format of the Report

The formatting of the report in the main text should be the following:

Font size: 12

Font type: Instances New Both roman.

Paper: A4 size

Line spacing: Double.

Paragraph: To become indented following your first section;

Page margin: Remaining -1. twenty-five in.; Right, Top and Bottom -- 1 in. each. Page number: To get at the bottom-mid (or on the top-right) with the page, (1, 2,.. ). Total length of the report: Maximum 40 webpages, with the key body of the report not really exceeding 35 pages.

B. Initial Pages

There are a number of segments in this section; these are:

(i) Title Page

(ii) Approval Site

(iii) Announcement page

(iv) Acceptance Page

(v) Letter of Transmittal

(vi) Acknowledgements

(vii) Professional Summary

(viii) Table of Contents

(ix) List of Tables

(x) List of Figures

(xi) Shortened forms

The details of each and every section happen to be presented beneath:

Subject Page: The Title of the statement should be inside the top portion of the webpage to be followed by ‘By' and the name in the student. This would be accompanied by ‘An internship report…. intended for the degree of …. Business Administration', the name of the section and the university or college. At the bottom, the date ought to be mentioned, initially, the month, and then, the year (for ex., September, 2010). Please start to see the format for the Title webpage on page number 7.

Approval Web page: While it may be the primary work of the student to purely follow the suggestions of writing his/her internships report, the concerned faculty members acting as supervisors are asked to be involved and to guide the students to generate an authentic statement free from ‘Plagiarism' as stated over the following section.

Declaration Web page: It is best that college students understand clearly, when they write on this site that the internships work is completely theirs. Normally, it is not permitted to copy and paste performs of others coming from any journal or actions, or working papers, or websites or from any other sources, without correct citation, which can be termed as " Plagiarism”. There exists, however , a single exception: no greater than 400 words and phrases can be copied in which case these types of must be provided in upside down quotations while using name(s) in the author(s) and page number included. The scholars also need to many experts have00 not enough to mention the source details in the research section just; rather, it has to be mentioned as well in inner citation mainly text of the report. Here is an example:

‘Knowledge management has a systemized and integrated bureaucratic strategy, which combines information technology with the organizational process'; it can be ‘a bureaucratic activity that develops, moves, transmits, shops and applies knowledge, and also provides the members of the organization with actual information to react and make the correct decisions, in order to attain the organization's goals' in an ever-changing competitive environment (Hung ain al., 2006, p. 165).

Therefore , any kind of student found in plagiarism SHALL acquire an ‘F' grade, in which case, s/he needs to redo the whole report. That they, therefore , must put references/sources of information whenever they cite any numerical figure (for ex., GDP growth rate, or no. of public/private universities in the area, etc . ), existing details, or any earlier study studies. For citation or...

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