Overseas Philippine Workers

Chapter My spouse and i


Idea paper is all about Overseas Filipino Workers. The writer aims to go over the advantages, drawbacks and other information on operating abroad. The main focus of this paper is to identify the reason/s Filipinos opt to work in another country and how the Philippine government supports and helps them.

The author selected this theme to learn more about this issue and to be aware of the different problems experienced simply by Overseas Filipino Workers. The lady gives importance to this matter because this lady has several family members abroad. Exploring on this theme will help the writer gain information about Filipino staff and understand why her family members prefer to job abroad. This subject is relevant to the author because she plans to analyze abroad down the road and your woman wants to be informed of the benefits she can easily gain coming from going abroad.

Because of the lack of opportunities in the Korea, the reader are able to see and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of being a great OFW. Filipinos should also be familiar with what their very own fellow Filipinos are encountering abroad. The contents this kind of paper will offer the readers know-how on the subject that can help all of them fully understand the situation.

Guide Concerns

1 . For what reason do that they choose to function abroad instead of in the Korea? 2 . What are some advantages and disadvantages in being an OFW? 3. How do they will adapt to the several environment they are exposed to? 5. What are the factors they must adjust to inside the new environment? 5. How exactly does the government help the Filipinos in foreign countries?

Chapter 2


An OFW, which usually stands for " Overseas Philippine Worker”, is known as a person of Philippine beginning who lives outside the Thailand. Based on a SWS survey, one away of 6 or eight families inside the Philippines is usually an OFW family, or has a member of the family working in another country. A significant range of our inhabitants, or around 16 percent, job abroad, rendering it a relevant...

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