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THE TRANSFORMATION OF HANOI URBAN SPACE UNDER THE IMPACT OF GLOBALIZATION. According to architect Rem Koolhaas (2003), Globalization is usually an on-going process of national cohesion with each other through cities. These areas are the financial, political, ethnical and social focal points of every country. Due to benefits brought when metropolitan areas promote economy, exchange diplomatic, transfer technology and traditions, they little by little formed a network among cities by simply global interactions. These towns are called " Global cities” which, for instance , are Nyc, London, Tokyo and Paris, france, four of the very famous metropolises in the world. Consequently , because of features of globalization, Vietnam in general and Hanoi (capital city of Vietnam) in particular also have tried to be a link in the global relationships sequence. After a long period of efforts, Vietnam finally can participate in globalization method, it is an admittance as the 150th part of World Operate Organization (WTO). In this framework, Hanoi is visible to have became a member of the global network of urban centers, which gives area as well as town good in order to develop economic system, and society. This essay aims to appreciate and examine the positive effects of this process on the city space in Hanoi. The essay is usually divided into two parts. The first component collects information and info to get a standard picture from the situation involved in the process of globalization of Vietnam in general and Hanoi specifically to answer problem " Just how has Hanoi been associated with globalization”. The last part of the text message is a short survey of urban space of Hanoi, identifying the recent difference in the overall photo, at some level, to answer the question, " How globalization has influenced the space of Hanoi". 1 ) How has Hanoi been involved in globalization.

Vietnam took part in relatively later in the process of globalization. The historical conditions for this are extremely specific: the Vietnam battle lasted extended (from 1955 to 1975), the insurance plan of growing the socialist orthodoxy, the American bar imposed on Vietnam right up until only lifted in 1994. In 1986 Vietnam applied the " Doi Moi” insurance plan, taking the industry mechanism into a centrally planned economy. Combined with the policy of " Open doors" economic diplomacy and later, Vietnam started out its the usage into the international community having a series of crucial milestones: in 1995 joined trade and negotiation bodies, namely ASEAN, AFTA in 1996, ASEM 1996, APEC in 1998, and 2007 Vietnam officially became the one hundred and fiftieth member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) following 11 years of negotiations. Considering the policies and institutions of Vietnam have built up through the years, it can be viewed clearly that Vietnam altered from a marginal location to one inserted in a network of local and global international interactions. 2 . Just how globalization provides affected the room of Hanoi.

Hanoi features witnessed significant structural changes in recent years within the impact of the globalization procedure. The changes could be described in three organizations: New useful areas, Vertical development, and New deal with. The 1st changes in Hanoi urban space is the introduction of new functional areas. Near the old cities, economic creation and metropolitan Hanoi through the integration period have drawn a series of fresh urban capabilities. They are great parks, recreation activity centers, CBD things and the game of golf courses. This has promoted the rapid development of Hanoi space.

(source: 26/8/2014)

Vincom Noble City super mall now is the perfect biggest intricate of house, office, shopping center and activities in Hanoi.

Together with the expansion of space, Hanoi's urban space also speedily grows in vertical. Until the early nineties, Hanoi have been considered as an Asian metropolis with low-rise architecture. (landmark72, 2014) Lately, development of the vertical may perhaps be obvious symptoms and most visible in the spatial variation of Hanoi. High-rise...

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