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Amount 1, Quantity 4April 2016

Research about Environmental Economics

The Harvard Environmental Economics Program (HEEP) conducts research on the impact of environmental issues on local financial systems and on a global scale. The program brings together " faculty and graduate pupils engaged in study, teaching, and outreach in environmental and natural source economics and related general public policy. ” Harvard Teachers Fellows collaborate with a wide range of professionals in sector, universities, federal government, and private believe tanks to supply up-to-date research on subject areas in environmental economics. Study topics include global local climate change, costs and benefits of environmental security, political implications of environmental policy, business social responsibility, natural resource economics, environmental employment, and energy coverage. Many of these concerns are straight related to the businesses in and around the Memphis metropolitan area. The Hard Costs of Pollution

The Bangor Maine Daily Media reports that the University of Maine Specialist has determined that the gross annual cost in Maine of childhood diseases caused by contaminants is $380. 9 million. Maine has adopted procedures to combat the effects of air pollution, such as screening process children to get lead, which may have lowered disease rates and lowered costs. " It really is clear that reducing child years exposure to environmental pollutants gives a considerable economic gain to the point out, ” the report concludes. Conditions reported to be brought on by pollution contain lead poisoning, cancer, asthma, autism, ADD, and mental retardation. Lead poisoning alone accounts for $268 million in annual costs. Environmental Economics Conference

Memphis Primary Elements is a cosponsor of the upcoming Memphis Environmental Economics Seminar, which will be held in the Civic Auditorium upon September 23-24. The seminar will include lessons from specialists in...