Gatsby's Ambition

Alvarez 1

Roxanna Alvarez

Mrs. Condelli

English 11, Period 2

05 June 2012

The Great Gatsby's Ambition

In the novel The truly great Gatsby simply by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald builds theme of personal goal by using the setting and the characterization to show the importance of the primary persona, Gatsby's personal goal. Fitzgerald uses the establishing of East Egg and West Egg and characterization of Daisy and Kemudian Cody for the connection they may have with The author Gatsby. Jay Gatsby's ambition is to obtain the American Dream. In Gatsby's eye, to achieve the American Dream contain becoming the richest guy and writing his wealth with the girl he adores right by simply his aspect. Jay, based of his characterization, never sees him self as the poor man and he, together with his power, could do anything to accomplish his dream. In the book, Nick, the narrator, lives next door to Gatsby in West Egg and at time Nick sees Gatsby ranking at the end from the dock, he can mesmerized with a green light across the bay. Saving money light turns into a symbol of Gatsby's aim of reaching the American Wish. The green mild, in the end, appears to be at Daisy's house in East Egg.

A character that contributes to Gatsby's ambition is usually Dan Cody. Dan Cody was the leading inspiration to Gatsby if he was a adolescent. Dan is known as a fifty yr old man whom became prosperous earning his money exploration silver. Gatsby was seventeen years old when he met Dan Cody. The writer Gatsby was broke together no idea what his long term will be. Dan Cody performed anything that was possible just like taking Gatsby for five years to remodel Gatsby to possess a future and be rich. Back before The author and Cody met, Fitzgerald describes just how Gatsby could possibly get any work he could possibly get to find foodstuff and somewhere to sleep, " For over 12 months he had been beating his way over the south shore of Lake Superior as a clam digger and a salmon fisher or any other capacity that brought him food and bed. ”(Fitzgerald 104). In addition , emotionally, Gatsby was the mess,...