Foresic Science

Forensic Sciencerevised 4/10Power Point display of a landmark case that changed forensic science

Length of the presentation: 10 minute minimumSolo project

two hundred points

Deadline: Thurs, Summer 3, 2010

What should you cover within your presentation?

Case Summary- Sum it up the main points of your case

Who is involved with this case? That is important?

victim(s), perpetrator(s), researchers, family members, etc

What happened? Tell the story of the case. Present the important details of this case: who have, what, exactly where, when, how come (motive), tries to cover in the crime, the investigation, etc .

What type of proof was collected? Comment on the quality of the evidence. Was your evidence very well collected and well maintained?

What type of medical techniques/instruments/methods had been used to analyze the evidence? The fact that was the result of every test?

Were there any unconventional twists or perhaps turn of events during the crime or investigation?

Did this situatio go to trial? What happened? What evidence was presented? What expert witnesses testified? How persuasive was this data? What was the verdict and sentence? Are there any is of interest?

How would this case change the field of forensic research? OR How did this situatio go unsolved for so long? Remember: Research, corroborate and cite your sources

Tips for the Power Level presentation:

Is a information very well presented and well organized?

Is a presentation clear, focused also to the point?

Is sufficient information offered, without overpowering the audience?

Are definitely the slides obvious, neat, easy to read, uncluttered, and free of punctuational and punctuation errors?

Would it clearly present how this situatio changed forensic science or perhaps how the perpetrator evaded detection?

Use pictures to demonstrate. Unusually graphic or unsettling pictures must be cleared while using teacher before the presentation.

Tricks for your dental presentation:

It must be loud enough for everyone to listen to.

The slideshow should be used as paperwork only (no reading immediately off the slides).

The names/words should be obvious correctly, with no stumbling within the words.

Practice your business presentation ahead of time.

Be prepared to answer questions posed by the class and teacher.

Be ready! The best way to make sure a good business presentation is to understand your subject.

Bibliography: a written bibliography must be published on the due date - the least three resources must be observed in the proper format.

modified 4/10

Forensic Science

Electrical power Point presentation of a landmark case that changed forensic science Assessment sheet revised 11/08 NAME_______________________________________________DATE________ ON TIME /LATE/ FIRST DAY__________________________

points possiblepoints earned

A) Content of the business presentation (80)

1)Who is linked to this case? The role of victim(s), ____10_________________ perpetrator(s), researchers, family members, are explained. perp_______________________________________victim___________________________________ others______________________________________________________________________________

2)What happened? The who, what, where, when, why (motive), ____20_________________ attempts to cover up the crime, and so on are overviewed.

what______________________________________where_____________________________________ when______________________________________motive____________________________________ other________________________________________________________________________________

3) The type, and quality with the evidence can be explained. Exactly where ____10_________________ ideal comments are created on the collection and

preservation of evidence.

type of evidence_____________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ quality of...