Mining data management

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Primary advantage

Harry Dobush and Troy Wilson* suggest a means for protecting

and enhancing the value of exploration data


very year explorationists, industrywide, collect huge amounts of dollars well worth of data. But, when it comes time intended for

geologists to extract value from their

details, they often п¬Ѓnd that benefit has

been lost through poor practices in data management. There is no reliable record of the data that has been collected or data is not really where it

should be -- it has been misplaced or dangerous.

Re-assembling data can consume

weeks of their time and can significantly

reduce query productivity plus the quality of decision-making. Of all the information possessions held by a mining company, exploration data is likely to be one of the largest as measured in bytes, conventional paper

volume and dollar value. An exploration

group can easily store terabytes of digital information, which includes airborne geophysics, ground geophysics, geochemical info, drill opening logs,

searched topographic roadmaps, digital elevation

data, remotely sensed images, geological

roadmaps, reports and supporting paperwork.

And then you will discover the voluminous historic

newspaper archives that may or may not had been

scanned in digital type.

In an market that is dependent upon being

in a position to collect, procedure and translate large amounts of information, data management has turned into a key goal for productivity gains.

This really is particularly crucial in an age of

global consolidation and downsizing once

many exploration companies are faced with the

challenge of having to conduct effective exploration programmes with fewer staff and less money.

Huge mining companies such as Rj Tinto

still invest up to $100 , 000, 000 a year in exploration when junior query companies functioning at the opposing end of the scale may well

expend lower than 1% of the amount.

*Tim Dobush is CEO, Troy Wilson is usually Global

Promoting Officer by Geosoft Incorporation, Toronto,

Canada. Tel: plus one 416 369 0111,

bernard. [email protected] com;

troy. [email protected] com

No matter company size however , controlling data to maximise its benefit both now and in the future, at the lowest possible cost, is a concern to get investors as well as exploration managers. " The exploration info that we make is an

asset that should be preserved for future years

benefit of the shareholder, ” says Joshua

Finlayson, exploration director pertaining to Rio Morapio in

Australasia. To put the matter in perspective,

Rio Tinto's global query programme

goes back 55 years towards the end of WW 2 and

features resulted in the accumulation of large

regional info assets having a replacement worth

of a number of billion dollars. " Historic data is definitely

beneficial to existing query projects while

well because future types, ” says Mr Finlayson, " and

preserving these rich stores of search

data for quick retrieval and reuse is a primary

objective of your company. ”

Does powerful data

supervision help in the

discovery method?

Firstly, query geoscientists will be dependent on top quality data to help them make the correct decisions and speed up breakthrough.

However , while the amounts of digital data con-

Schematic of pursuit data supervision. Transparency,

Schematic of exploration data managing. Transparency,

seamless integration of multiple applications and datasets, and a spotlight on query business operations and end user needs happen to be critical to developing an effective data managing strategy

tinue to develop, the challenge of handling that

data successfully has grown tremendously.

Preserving, accessing and finalizing data can be described as

major work, particularly when details is

becoming generated and used by geographically

dispersed п¬Ѓeld teams.

Subsequently, duplication of work, whether it is

the re-drilling of old prospects, the reflying of

geophysical surveys or perhaps the recollection of surface geochemical samples, is known as a major way to obtain waste in exploration. Effective management of

data is an obvious technique of eliminating...