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POSSESSION: Public (Nasdaq: ERTS)

HEADQUARTERS: Redwood City, Cal

REVENUES: $2. 95 billion intended for fiscal 2006

STAFF: 7, 200 worldwide


Digital Arts (EA) is the world's leading 3rd party developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software intended for advanced entertainment systems including the PlayStationВ® three or more, PlayStationВ®2 computer entertainment program, the PSPВ™ (PlayStationВ® Portable) system, Xbox 360 360В™, XboxВ® video game system from Ms, Nintendo Wii, Manufacturers GameCubeВ™, Video game BoyВ® Advance and the Manufacturers DSВ™ as well as PC and games for mobile phone products. EA is a huge leader in its field because the company opened in 1982. As its inception, TOOL has been a imaginative leader, now, the company continually innovate and improve online gaming. Simply by combining diverse media such as computer movement, video, photographic images, action capture, 3 DIMENSIONAL face and body rendering technologies, computer graphics, and stereo audio with efforts from storywriters, film directors and musicians, EA uses technology and creativity to formulate mainstream entertainment through an fun medium. EA's broad portfolio of dispenses includes global sports blockbusters from its EXPERT ADVISOR SPORTSВ™ brand including Madden NFL, FIFA Soccer, and NBA Live. The various offering from its EAВ™ brand features wholly-owned intellectual houses such as Need For SpeedВ™, The SimsВ™, and BurnoutВ™ dispenses, as well, because key Showmanship licenses for games depending on The Lord in the RingsВ™, Harry PotterВ™, as well as the GodfatherВ™ houses. EA ATHLETICS BIGВ™ franchises include: NFL STREET, NBA STREET and FIFA STREETS. EA's five hub studios are in Redwood Shores (US), Oregon (US), Orlando (US), Vancouver (Canada) and Surrey (UK), along with development broadcasters in Chi town (US), Montreal (Canada), Warrington (UK) and Tokyo (Japan) and boasts a development crew that is a lot more than 5, two hundred people good. The company's Western corporate headquarters are...