Daniels HI135 Unit6 Assignment

Privacy in Health Care

Machelle' Daniels

Kaplan University

Scenario 1

Sean Philips is a attorney for Karen Munstrom. Karen is definitely filing match against Howard Doe within a domestic argument. Jim Philips sends Memorial service Hospital a unique authorization that is signed and dated by simply Karen Munstrom. The documentation, addressed on your hospital, comes with the schedules of the records requested. The authorization does not state what kind or subject of the info to be unveiled. The documents of Ms. Munstrom happen to be related to a stay pertaining to alcohol rehabilitation. Would you launch the record in question? Yes.

Mr. Phillips, this is Ms. Daniels via Memorial Hospital. I i am calling to verify that the ask for the medical records to get Ms. Munstrom has been evaluated and authorized. The demand meets the criteria set forth by simply Georgia State Statute 24-9-40; which needs signed authorization from the patient for the discharge of medical records unless of course there is a court order. Since the request does not specify the type or subject of the data needed. (FindLaw) Due to the fact that it is an authorization signed by the individual it permits records dated up to and including the date of the patient's unsecured personal. The data will be ready for you in our records division and may end up being release to you or Ms. Munstrom.

Scenario 2

Crawford City Clinic sends a fax to you personally for quick release of medical information on Charles Charleston, someone who experienced cardiac circumvent surgery in your facility three weeks in the past. The patient is approximately to undergo unexpected emergency surgery for Crawford City Hospital because of apparent internal bleeding on the operative web page. The patient can be not mindful and therefore simply cannot sign a great authorization. There are no family members present with all the patient. Do you release the record showcased? Yes

The medical information would be introduced. HIPPA permits disclosure of medical information under the TPO exclusion pertaining to emergency treatment. TPO phrase for treatment, payment or operations. (Know Exactly what is Legal, 2010) Scenario several

Rev. Johnson, a local prelado, comes to you asking for the telephone amount and addresses of a parishioner, Tom Ubertrieben kritisch. He explains that Mister. Hart is actually not attending solutions for the past a few months; he's read that Mister. Hart went through some type of surgery and would like to really know what it was, and he would want to go go to him, but Mr. Scharf moved just lately and he does not understand his fresh address. Would you release the knowledge in question? Zero

Rev. Johnson, I understand your concern for Mr. Hart and your aspire to visit with him. Unfortunately it is against the law to release Mr. Hart's private information. Also, HIPPA as well as each of our state loi mandate that we protect Mister. Hart's medical privacy; therefore I am struggling to confirm whether Mr. Ubertrieben kritisch is a affected person or present any upgrade. I would suggest that maybe you can contact another person in the members that may be in a position to provide you with his current contact information. Scenario 4

Deputy Sheriff Parker happens in your workplace requesting to find the records of Sally Smith. Sally was involved in an rupture at a local establishment last night. Deputy Parker does not provide an authorization, search warrant, or subpoena. Will you release the info in question? Number

Why, or perhaps why not, and just how would you continue?

It will be unlawful to release Ms. Williams medical data without the appropriate documentation to authorize the discharge. I would explain to Deputy Parker that he would need to have a signed consent from Ms. Jones or perhaps obtain a subpoena that identifies what documents are to be developed and should always be signed, rubber-stamped and have the seal of the official empowered to issue the subpoena. (Risk Management, Legal and Ethical Aspects of Information about health Management) Circumstance 5

Judy is 21 years old years old. She wants a copy of her medical documents from Clarkston Hospital, which include records from when your woman was 18 years old. The girl comes to the...

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