Communication Technologies

Kelly Allen

Prof Binegar

English 111-05


Connection Technologies

Conversation technologies are utilized worldwide than ever before. It is a new and superior way of communicating with your friends. I take advantage of communication technologies in my everyday life as well. Good examples that assist me each and every day are facebook . com, text, and e-mail. It is a lot more rapidly and more convenient to do these kinds of communication technology than planning to communicate with my buddies in person. Customers live these kinds of busy lifestyles that they rely upon this type of technology. There are 4 types of communication technology.

First, the most typical type of communication technology can be face book. Just about everyone contains a face publication account. Face book is a social networking internet site where you can find close friends and request to become friends and request to be close friends with people you could have met of our own life. With a deal with book accounts, you can keep in touch with your friends by chatting backwards and forwards, sending private messages, playing games, and looking for their images on their wall. For example , I have a friend i do not get to determine often , and I communicate with her on deal with book. We all always be able to chat in least every other day because deal with book is really convenient. I will just turn on my computer and enter face publication, my pass word, and I am on the online community site. It can be as simple as a touch mouse button.

Sending text messages is another kind of communication technology. Sometimes named, " textual content messaging” is usually when you can employ cell phones, pagers, or additional handheld devices to send brief messages on your contacts without needing to speak to these people. I use text messaging on my cell phone quite frequently during the day. For instance, I am able to text my buddies throughout the day. I am able to text them rather than speaking to them. As well, my friends and i also text to tell each other how our day time is going, so we can stay close touching what is going on around us. Consequently , we...