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Term: Yixian Bronze

Prologue: A Tale of Two Farms

Read pages 1-19 and answer questions 1-4.

[pdf type: pages 10-28]

1 . (5 points) Jared Diamonds begins his book by simply comparing Huls Farm and Gardar Farmville farm, and their comparable strengths and vulnerabilities. a. ) What is the major big difference between the two farms (and their societies) in terms of all their current position? The major difference is the numbers of the two farms, the Huls Farmville farm is in a period of great wealth, like the United States society. Garder Farm had been abandoned pertaining to 500 yrs ago, the terrain is rest wasted just like the Norway people used to live there. w. ) So why do you think Diamonds opens his book with this case in point? Diamond clears with this because he desire to present the concept the cultural, economic and environment is always exist in even the most powerful power, they could cause failure suddenly if they are not cured well. c. ) Exactly what potential effects for our society?

If the govt or persons do not treat those problems seriously, they may trigger the break of our world.

2 . (5 points) Ecocide.

a. ) Ecocide means unintended ecological suicide. How it changes the resources where the contemporary society depended? Persons inadvertently eliminating the environmental methods. b. ) LIST the eight types of environmental conditions that have result in ecocide in past communities, as well as the 4 new ones in today's societies. 1 . Deforestation and environment destruction

2 . Soil issue

3. Drinking water management difficulty

4. Overhunting

5. Overfishing

6. Effects of introduced types on native species

six. Human population development

8. Increased per-capita effect of people

9. Human trigger climate alter

10. Buildup of toxic chemicals in the environment

11. Strength shortages

12. Full individual utilization of the Earth's photosynthetic capacity

c. ) How can you think communities can avoid ecocide?

The government need to put the environment problem in the first place and indication policy to prove that....