Cintas Corporation

Cintas Firm Time-Trend Analysis

Cintas Organization, founded in 1968 simply by Richard T. Farmer, is definitely an American firm that provides special services and products to businesses throughout North America, Latina America, The european countries, and Asia. Cintas categorizes its organization into several different operating segments. The Rental Outfits and Ancillary Products functioning segment, the Uniform Direct Sales operating segment, the First-aid, Safety, and Fire Safety Services operating segment, as well as the Document Management Services operating sections make up the several different working segments of Cintas Organization. Cintas Firm designs and manufactures professional uniforms intended for companies and provides other products such as entry mats, rest room supplies, and first aid items. Cintas delivers these products and services to over 800, 500 businesses. Cintas Corporation is usually headquartered in Cincinnati, Kansas. Cintas functions 430 establishments across Canada and the Usa. Cintas even offers six manufacturing plants and 9 distribution centers. All of these establishments help to employ over 35, 000 persons. Cintas travelled public in 1983 and are also the largest firm in their sector. Cintas primary competitors happen to be Alsco, ARAMARK, and G& K Services. In the fiscal year 2011, Cintas Company revenues were $3. almost 8 billion using a net income of $247 mil. Cintas is definitely traded over the Nasdaq Global Market within the symbol CTAS. On the up coming page can be described as table representing the various proportions needed to correctly conduct a time-trend analysis for Cintas Corporation.





Profit Perimeter

6. 00%

6. 10%

6. 50%

Return on Assets

six. 08%

a few. 43%

5. 67%

Come back on Equity

9. 56%

8. 51%

10. 73%

Asset Managing

Total Advantage Turnover

1 ) 02 Occasions

. 89 Times

. 88 Instances

Receivables Proceeds

8. 39 Times

8. 24 Occasions

7. forty-nine Times

Inventory Turnover

10. 98 Moments

12. 10 Times

8. 82 Times


Debt-equity Proportion

. 57 Moments

. 57 Occasions

. 89 Instances

Equity Multiplier

1 . 57 Times

1 ) 57 Times

1 . 89 Times

Times Interest Gained

8. twenty Times

almost eight. 30 Times

8. 80 Times

Cintas Corporation Time-Trend Analysis Stand

The previous webpage displays the time-trend stand for Cintas Corporation through the year 2009 to 2011. The table focuses on earnings, the asset management plus the leverage of Cintas Company. First lets focus on Cintas Corporation's earnings. Cintas offers steadily increased from 2009 to 2011. Profit Margin for Cintas has increased by. 5% coming from 2009 to 2011. Coming from 2009 to 2011 Cintas has increased their revenues, which is usually a good thing, but they also have allowed bills to increase. All their profit perimeter was able to boost because Cintas increased revenue at a greater rate than their expenses. Cintas has also improved all their return about equity via 2009 to 2011. Cintas return on equity superior by 1 ) 17%. Developing return in equity is critical for Cintas profitability. The growing come back on fairness shows traders that Cintas could be a very good company for his or her investment. With increased investments come more possibilities for Cintas to increase revenue and success. The last percentage under profitability is go back on property. While income margin and return in equity elevated, return upon assets reduced. Cintas come back on possessions decreased by simply. 41% via 2009 to 2010. This is simply not good for Cintas. When Cintas return about assets decreased it means that Cintas did not do a good-job of converting its property or purchase into earnings for their firm. This may have occurred because Cintas did not do a good job of using it can investments and placing them in the correct areas that would benefit profits the most. Overall, Cintas profitability superior over the three-year span. A single recommendation to aid return about assets is always to figure out which will area of the company needs the most investment and will give you the better return on your investment or perhaps assets. This might involve...

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