Cecil Bonstein's It can Grow Again: Sadness by using a Color

Liam Shiels

Mister. Forsyth


16 February 2013

Sadness Through a Colour

In Cecil Bonstein's short account, " It is going to Grow Again”, the colour grey is used to

symbolize unhappiness, the life in the narrator involves the colour off white, but

throughout the history the greyish fades away making your life easier to live. The narrator first

witnesses the color grey " on a boring day” exactly where everywhere this individual looks he seems to locate

" grey in the workshop, gray outside, everyone in a grey mood” (Bonstein 4). The narrator

describes the workshop, ambiance and the persons around him to be in a grey mood

meaning everything is usually sad in his eyes. The colour grey is employed to symbolize despair

that the narrator is usually expressing his feeling about how he recognizes life, a dull, sad place with

zero hope. Misery will never entirely go away however it will be in the background if you

make that stay their. The narrator is about to marry the women of his dreams and that day time

it absolutely was " dull… The street was an avenue of grey stone lining a black asphalt road”, this individual saw

" greyish pigeons and grey sparrows” sitting down above houses looking down, " however the

area did not matter, Rachel [was] smiling, dark-colored hair to her shoulders, long white

dress, a bouquet of red tulips held in her small hands, drew every eyes to her… The grey was

[now] in the background from which he splendor blazed” (7-8). On the narrators wedding

time, a very important working day, the off white was still presently there. He continue to saw every thing around him

saddening even on his wedding day. The only thing important to the narrator was Rachel

which manufactured him not care about the thing that was going on about him. If he saw Rachel in her dress together with the bouquet of red roses the grey was put in the background, not anymore

was he feeling sad. Rachel makes the narrators grey thoughts go away because of the love

he offers for her. Given that the narrators sadness with the background as a result of his completely happy...

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