Biological Explanations of Homosexuality

Natural Explanations for Homosexuality

Katherine Callan


This paper is was executed to address the question of whether homosexuality is biologically based. This kind of topic is fairly relevant today because homosexuality is a huge municipal rights issue which is also inconsistant with the church's moral standards. While many religious bodies claim that homosexuality is a choice and a " sin", many in the gay community have strongly refuted that claim, instead expressing they were given birth to this way and their sexual identification is not a choice on their behalf. Currently one of the greatest debates regarding the rights of homosexuals is same sex marriage. In the event scientist are indeed able to show evidence that homosexuality is result of biologic or hereditary factors and therefore not a choice or a values issue then we being a society could most likely make better headway in legalizing samesex marriage. Each culture addresses the void of homosexuality in several ways, whilst tolerance can be slowly attaining momentum in the us, many other nationalities have very long accepted and even embraced lgbt like style. Finding a biological explanation is important in helping countries who happen to be strongly inspired by the Catholic churches's ethical code to refute the churches' posture that homosexuality is a choice.

Materials review

In the us today we have a large interpersonal debate more than whether intimate orientation is definitely influenced by simply environmental or perhaps biological factors. If lovemaking orientation is determined biologically the moral concern of the issue would be be relevant. However, if homosexual actions are a choice or possibly a preference then a stance of homosexuality staying immoral might have some justification.

Research suggests that remaining handed gay men have significantly less older brothers that predicted (Blanchard & Lippa, 2006). Compelling proof has shown that homosexuality in men is usually associated with having more more mature brothers and being left handed. Strangely enough however having older brothers only boosts the probability of developing gay behavior in males who have are correct handed not really left passed. Blanchard (2006) recruited a couple of, 486 members to complete questionnaires linked to sexual positioning, older siblings and hand-preference. The individuals were after that separated into eight groupings based on hand-preference, sexual positioning and love-making and a three-way anova was done to compare all of them. The effects supported the prediction that left handed down homosexual males had fewer older brother than expected. Remaining handed gay men wound up having more older sisters than older brothers and right handed homosexual guys had more older friends than sisters. one weak spot in the studies that it cannot be determined in the event that older siblings decrease the probability of homosexuality in left passed men. One other weakness was that there was not any distinction manufactured between " genetic" left-handedness and " pathological" left-handedness. future exploration should take a look at hand preference of members of the family to distinguish between two.

Previous analysis suggests that concentrations of love-making hormones in fetal umbilical chord blood vessels is related to beginning order (Maccoby, Doering, Jacklin & Kraemer 1979). Research has investigated the partnership of hormone levels and delivery order as a potential natural cause of homosexuality in men. When examining three sets of newborns and searching at the concentration of five sex hormones by samples of umbilical-chord blood it data shows that hormonal elements play a role in adult sex orientation. The five bodily hormones if fascination that were evaluated were estrone, testosterone, androstenedion, estradol and progesterone. Past research got indicated that homosexual behavior is a result of postnatal environmental elements such as interaction with littermates and parents. Nonetheless it has been argued that family environmental factors cannot make clear for right after (Waldrop & Bell 1966). Research has looked into the possibility that versions in hormonal concentrations inside the...