Aqa Business Studies Unit 1

Explain two benefits intended for Tony of manufacturing a business program (6 marks) GA Limited has received numerous applicants for the Plantation Manager's Placement. Explain how GA ltd could choose the best candidate (6 Marks) Identify two methods of researching the market and describe how every method can certainly help Jenny to generate her business successful (6 Marks) Make clear how STS could reap the benefits of using electronic – business (6 Marks) Explain the possible rewards to LS LTD of the location of its backyard centre (5 Marks) Emily and Isabella are planning to build their business as a alliance. Explain two benefits to them of setting up the business as a collaboration. (4 marks)

Explain 2 different ways that Expresso Printing Limited could stimulate its two new personnel (4 Marks)

Explain two possible effects on Great for Us of lowering it is prices (4 Marks)

Good for Us prides itself in providing good customer service. Explain 2 different ways in which Best for Us could provide good customer service (4 Marks)

Explain the benefits to Darren of producing an enterprise plan (4 Marks)

Explain two benefits to Darren of aiming his wide array of products at a gap in the market (4 Marks)

Clarify why the charity uses volunteers at the mechanic and not paid out workers (4 Marks)

Explain why the net income or damage made in Nov 2010 is promoting from the ВЈ50 000 revenue made in The fall of 2009. (4 marks)

Making use of the data in Figure one particular, calculate the profit or damage made by Atkins diet Ltd in November 2010. (4 Marks)

Explain for what reason it is important and exactly how does it benefit Atkins Ltd for having a superior quality product. (4 Marks)

Make clear one benefit and 1 disadvantage for Jenny of operating like a franchise. (4 Marks)

Clarify two likely reasons why A to Z Frames offers highly paid workers (4 Marks)

Explain how STS would benefit from improving the customer service. (4 Marks)

Express one other method to obtain finance and explain how come it might be suitable for Tony and Rima (4 Marks)

Clarify the possible effects on Meals for All of using less expensive...