Annie's Inc. Case Study: Growing Naturally


Written Assignment: Annie's Growing Organically

Annie's Inc. is a rapidly growing organic and natural food company who wants to get into a new category by bringing out frozen foodstuff to their product line. The 1st product they are going to launch from this category will be frozen pizzas and they ought to make a lot of marketing decisions around this. 1 important decision is determining the target market for the brand new product therefore all the promoting efforts and other marketing mix decisions will probably be towards appealing to this target audience.

The recommended target market for freezing pizza is what Annie's cell phone calls Prime Prospects. This market portion consists of doing work moms between 30 – 45 years of age, where family income can be high. They are well educated and they are nutritionally aware of food requirements so they have a tendency to have very good, healthy ways of eating and have their own families eat healthy and balanced too. These moms have a very occupied and active life-style since they ought to balance among work, relatives, personal presence and well being. These mums have a great sense of style and trend and like to be eye-catching and be the " cool” mom. They frequently have little time to make a complete meals at home so they look for easy alternatives that meet the healthy requirements with their families. They can be regular consumers of easily cooked goods that can be as close as is feasible to a healthy balanced diet plan, which are the primary competitors of Annie's new frozen pizza. These moms are customers of this form of products because they want to take in healthy although not spend enough time cooking.

This is the best target market for Annie's cool product because they will be incredibly frequent buyers of it which would then simply lead to these people consuming various other products of the trademark. If advertising is targeted towards these kinds of Prime Prospective customers, it should focus on the easiness of preparation and not much on nutritional benefits of the merchandise because the target audience thinks of this benefit as the utmost important on this type of...