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DSS22309 Promoting in the Event Sector

Tutorial Describe

2014 – 2015 Semester A


Tutor: Ms. Lillian Wong

Office: Space 5225 5/F ACAD two City University

Contact: 3442 8468 as well as [email protected] edu. hk

Teaching and Learning Activities (TLA)

(Indicative of likely actions and tasks designed to help students' accomplishment of the CILOs. ) 2-hour lecture per week

2-hour guide every alternative week

Course Schedule and Content




No tutorial


Tutorial 1

three or more


Training 2



Tutorial 3



Guide 4

on the lookout for


Training 5: Display



Tutorial 6th: Presentation


N. W.

This timetable is provisional only. It really is subject to change. Attendance, involvement and punctuality are essential.

Evaluation Tasks/ Activities

Students need to attempt EVERY components of the assessment requirements in order to complete the program.

The examination will be 100% in homework, diving in to 4 parts: Nature of assignment


Class Discussion







forty percent



Class Discussion (10%)

Students are required to attend and participate definitely in ALL lectures and training. Participation in tutorials will be graded based on the following structure: 0%: absence from the classes and training

20%: present, but will not raise any opinion

forty percent: raise in least a lot of simple opinions

60%: make a demonstration, or raise some good comments, questions, or perhaps suggestions 80-100%: actively increase stimulating or original feedback, questions, or perhaps suggestions

Article 1: group discussion

Instructor will perform following duties in the first part of article: Go through the article outline

Form groups intended for presentation

Select group reps

Tutor is going to lead the class to implement following task:

Split into 4 groups and provide answer to next question following discussion. Mentioning MacDonald, learners are required to take 10 minutes pertaining to showing how each of seven Ps of service promoting applies to the specific assistance products Suggested reading: Book Ch 1

Tutorial a couple of: group dialogue

Split into four groups for a presentation with maximum 15 minutes. Students are required to: - 1 . select a industrial listing organization and a non-profit-making firm 2 . locate the latest annual report, in that case compare and contrast The clarity with which each organization's mission is stated. The various purpose of the 2 organizations.

Who also are consumers?

How they provide their customers?

The way they segment all their market?

Job (20%)

Each student produces a newspaper with 1, 000 phrases or over as next: -

Branded buyer products are often purchased mostly for their symbolic meaning, that is, what they connect about us to other people. Select one advertising campaign that you think are centering the emblematic meaning of any product and identify the ads are trying to influence their particular target market.

The paper will be evaluated according to the following criteria: Capability to demonstrate accurate and obvious concepts to get " Buyer Behaviour” and " Marketing” (20%) Capability to identify the ads want to influence their particular target market (30%) Provide satisfactory valid good examples to support your discussion (30%) Organization and preparation of the paper (10%)

Correct usage of English and referencing (10%)

The SMOOTH COPIES should be uploaded to CANVAS on/before Week six, 11/10/2013 (Friday), 24: 00. The HARD CLONES should be fallen into tutor's collection box at Basic Office, AC2 on/before (Monday), 12: 00. Pls be aware that:

Marks will be deducted for late submission to CANVAS. A deduction of several marks will be imposed for every 24 hours or part thereof on your indicate of this job. If you are unable to comply with the deadline as a result of extenuating circumstances just like illness, hospitalization, accident, family bereavement or other unforeseeable...