A Comparative Examination of Christianity, Scientology, and Sikhism pertaining to Core Morals and the Normal of Proper care as a Well being Provider

A Comparative Research of Christianity, Scientology, and Sikhism in Relation to Core Beliefs and the Common of Proper care as a Wellness Provider Elena Basques

Grand Canyon School

September seventeen, 2012


In the healthcare field a knowledge of an variety of religions is required to provide care an adequate regular of care to sufferers. In the faith based beliefs of Christianity, Scientology, and Sikhism there is great diversity in their practices; however , there is a centralizing factor in love. Though a religious view of a provider may be different from the patients the provider is going to still produce a standard of care both equally physical and spiritual treatment that will allow to get healing in both proportions. On the other hand, there may be small issues that I provider may find tough in treating the patient when their particular beliefs change from the sufferers.

It is common for healthcare students to consider taking care of patients with different religious values; however , it is not so prevalent for them to consider how a health-related provider's religious beliefs may affect their particular standard of care. It can be rare for those to take enough time or even proper care to find out about beliefs outside of their particular. " One of the religious countries [The United States] on the planet is also a nation of spiritual illiterates. ”(Prothero, 2007, l. 2) If they do, it could be just the principles or hearsay about the religion, including the theistic watch, and a few basic principles. Take into consideration how the care offered by a Christian, a Sikh, or a Scientologist may vary. The latter two beliefs most heard of yet may not know very much about what their morals actually require and how it will affect a practicing person's standard of care. A few first look at the Christian's look at of attention. Following the teachings of Christ, a Christian in medical would provide empathy, love, kindness, and acknowledgement. " A healing hospital is about adoring service to other folks. ”(Chapman, 2003, p. 4) In showing unconditional like there is a feeling of serenity and admiration they give for the patient. It is just a belief that we are all kids of God; we are all associated with together from this great way. Out of this perspective then simply anyone who makes its way into the life of any Christian needs to be treated since family, giving great care and matter for all areas of their wellbeing, spiritual and physical. Taking care of an individual means more for the Christian; this means more than the physical needs nevertheless the needs from the spirit too. Christians assume that the human spirit needs attention just as much plus the body, plus the Christian healthcare provider will strive to be a support system for every person, even if it merely requires a friendly laugh while transferring someone in the hall. Following, looking at proper care from the perspective of a Scientologist, a modern religious philosophy, entails an understanding with their beliefs. They believe people are not their body system or their very own mind but are a heart and soul or a thetan. The thetan is natural good nevertheless can be lead astray when the truth about existence is not understood. Once a person comes to realizations about their growing old, their connection to the World and the Creator they are in relation to salvation simply by freeing the inherent great of the thetan, they are do it yourself reliant to get salvation. A unique belief that would be an asset because clinical attention provider is definitely trinity of Affinity, Fact and Connection. This draws the idea that the three of these deliver understanding and happiness in personal interactions. Affinity, the level of liking or affection, truth, the contract on points or ideas, and Conversation, the exchange of ideas, perceptions or perhaps objects, are intertwined in order that being skillful in one aspect improves an additional and as you master all relationships with people and the Galaxy improve. (Robinson & Buttnor, 1997) This kind of outlook to boost happiness and understanding might benefit a clinical placing and they will be...

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