THREE DIMENSIONAL printing innovation in fashion industry

3D Producing Revolution in Fashion Industry

Last week, I visited London Research museum, there were an event of THREE DIMENSIONAL printing displaying the cutting edge image of fashion in the arriving 20 years. 3 DIMENSIONAL printing has been crafting rapidly, it is now way more than printing plastic. It images something that I cannot even believe: structural issue like residence, complicated thing like weapon, huge issue like aero plane and guess what, lively tissue. While 3D stamping becomes more mainstream, the applications will be broadening (Rachel 2013). It started to struck the world of style, besides THREE DIMENSIONAL printed bags, dresses, you observe 3D published high-heel shoes and boots and sexy bikinis in the newest fashion shows. As Stephanie (2014) stated, the mix of apparel and technology shows the innovative soul of style, the future of vogue is truly fooled out with 3D printing technology. As this progression continues expect to see a 3D printing wave in our fashion industry. In the following parts, this composition is going to demonstrate the revolution in development, supply chain and design and style aspects.

Beginning with the first step of manufactory, production method stylish field will probably be totally transformed. According to some researches, 10% of all client products by year 2025 will be of the THREE DIMENSIONAL process. Richard (2013) mentioned that since applications of the technology pass on and prices lower, more goods will be produced at their location of purchase or perhaps consumption. Without a doubt, consumers will probably be printing their particular clothing by 2020, in accordance to inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil (Tanya 2013). This implies that new household-level production can emerge. Over it, production will no longer contains labor force, capital, natural assets, but only the printing devices, raw materials and programs which will lead a massive reform.

Depending on the change of development method, the provision chain is going to eventually be modified. " The world is going to transform from a macro-manufactured supply sequence to...