Dear Friends,

We have a bit of news.  Due to some major challenges with the City and real estate, Sunset Progressive School has decided not to open in the Fall.

We started the idea for this school due to the fact that there were not enough schools that did what we knew was the right thing for kids – and since we started this journey two years ago, several have opened.

As we built the school, we kept saying that we would just do the next right thing and if things worked for us, we would keep going.  We had enough kids to start our school and we were ready to open, but we have hit a monumental road block when it comes to space in San Francisco.  We have put our fundraised and personal money into several spaces of the course of the last 8 months.  Due to the challenges of being a non-profit and the very complex and strict building code by the city, we have struggled to find space that would both work for us and be legal.

Our amazing community has meant the world to us.  This was a lot of work on the part of all of the Founding Parents and of Marisa, our amazing founding teacher.  We were very excited about the prospects of starting a school together and know that we will all find the right place for us this fall.

We thank you tremendously for all of your support and wish you the best of luck in your search for the right school.


Regina & Tim Jenkins